Some Activities of His Majesty the King

Blessed with a perceptive as well as imaginative mind, His Majesty has set himself with relish from the beginning of His Reign to analyze and find the true circumstances of the task at hand. His inborn sense of intense dedication guides him in his efforts to devise the best approach and then accomplish the task in the best possible manner. His sense of involvement, be it small or significant duties, is always so total that he is never content until each duty is carried out to his complete satisfaction. 

His Majesty starts by being meticulous in what is usually regarded as mere formalities such as in putting his Seal or Signature to all Laws and Decrees down to minor Public Orders. He acquaints himself with all subjects that pass before him, and makes observations wherever appropriate, requesting clarifications from the relevant officials whenever necessary. He makes formal State Functions into personal affairs, even adjusting the details of some ceremonies to make them more authentic and meaningful. Above all, he always takes the opportunity to meet and talk with the people from all walks of life that attend these ceremonies in order to learn the true circumstances of their professions and thereby the true conditions of the country.

As foreign relations are always conducted at the Head-of State level, His Majesty exercises to the full his prerogative in dispatching and receiving envoys to and from friendly nations. These formal functions are, however, conducted by him with a most personal touch. He anoints each Thai Ambassador in the farewell audience and gives appropriate words of advice. Foreign envoys accredited to the Thai Court are received in both formal and informal audiences, and His Majesty uses the latter to forge close personal bonds, which lead to smoother and more sympathetic cooperation. Even foreign dignitaries who are only here temporarily, or have come to cooperate with the Thai Government, are frequently received in audience. Moreover, Their Majesties have assiduously developed personal links with Heads of States and the peoples of friendly foreign countries by paying and receiving State and Official Visits to and from various countries around the world. Such visits and exchanges with over thirty countries have been arranged not only to bind the Heads of State in close bonds of personal friendship but also to afford opportunities for friendly acquaintances of government officials and to create a better understanding between the peoples.

As a man, King Bhumibol Adulyadej has displayed a remarkable range of talents. He is a gifted musician and composer, particularly in the field of jazz. Indeed, one of his songs was featured in a Broadway musical in the early 1950ís, and such masters as Benny Goodman and Lionel Hampton have acknowledged his skills. He was an enthusiastic sailor in the early years of his rule and won the Southeast Asia Peninsula Games gold medal in 1967. In addition, he can point to impressive achievements in the fields of painting, photography, and engineering. Thanks to his international education and upbringing, he is fluent in three European languages and at ease in a variety of cultures. Undoubtedly, though, posterity will remember him most for his accomplishments as leader of the Thai nation during a critical period in its history.

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