The 6th Cycle Birthday Anniversary Celebrations

Organizations and households all over the Kingdom are invited to display the official emblem of the Sixth Cycle Birthday Anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej throughout 1999. 

The emblem features His Majesty the King’s initials at the center of the crest, under the royal crown and above the eight-sided royal throne, signifying that His Majesty the King is the focus of the nation. The center of the crest is in yellow, the color of the royal birthday (Monday), against the royal blue background. This is surrounded by the discus, the symbol of the Chakri Dynasty, and the number nine in Thai writing, signifying the ninth king of the dynasty. The crest is flanked by two, seven-tiered umbrellas and topped by a nine-tiered umbrella, the symbols of kingship. The four-point border represents the four regions of the country. Each of the four points has a lotus, as a tribute to His Majesty on the auspicious occasion of his 6th cycle birthday anniversary, with a golden ray representing His Majesty’s aura of benevolence. A blue silk banner beneath the crest bears the inscription of the occasion of His Majesty’s Sixth-Cycle Birthday, December 5, 1999.

The official emblem was selected in a contest held by the Fine Arts Department and the Ministry of Education. The winning design was the creation of Mr. Niran Kraisornrat, a lecturer at the Rajamangala Institute of Technology, Pho Chang Campus. The design won the royal approval as the official emblem for the occasion.

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