Mutually advantageous foreign investment is welcomed in Thailand. Foreign investors are eligible for generous promotional benefits. The Board of Investment (BOI) has the power to provide guarantees, tax exemptions, income tax relief and temporary tariff protection.

Projects concerned with agriculture, livestock, fisheries, mining, manufacturing and service sectors are eligible for investment incentives.

Projects attracting the most generous incentives are those which will:

    a) generate employment,
    b) be located outside Bangkok,
    c) feature energy conservation,
    d) provide foreign exchange earnings or savings,
    e) complement development of basic industries.

During the first six months of 1998, BOI approved 305 foreign investment projects valued at 128 million baht. Most of them are investments in electronic industry and service and infrastructure industry. The top investor is from Japan, followed by the Netherlands and the United States.

BOI headquarters is in Bangkok. Four overseas offices are maintained in New York, Tokyo, Sydney and Frankfurt.

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