There are 50 Thai-language dailies, and two English ones--the Bangkok Post and The Nation. Leading national Thai-language dailies, including Matichon and Siam Rath, are popular among well-educated Thais. The more popular Thai Rath and Daily News have broader appeal to the general public. Sin Sian Yit Pao is Thailand's leading Chinese-language newspaper. Outside of Bangkok, provincial newspapers are published every 15 days, and Bangkok-based newspapers are available across the country. In addition to domestic dailies, Thais have access to foreign newspapers that are sold in bookstores.

The Thai press is among the freest in Asia. Freedom of speech is guaranteed under the Constitution and there are no special regulations controlling the press. So free is the Thai press that only laws on libel and invasion of privacy restrict its reports. Thai newspapers use their freedom to the fullest, and they are widely recognized for their in-depth reporting.

Thailand has a thriving publishing business with hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and paperback titles. Certain foreign best sellers appear in Thai shortly after publication abroad. International magazines with popular appeal, like Elle and Reader's Digest, are also proving popular in Thai.

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