Functions and Responsibilities:

1.  It is stipulated in the Thai Constitution that the Privy Council has the duty to submit advice to His Majesty the King on all matters pertaining to His functions as He may consult with them, or as otherwise provided for in the Constitution

2.  The Privy Council is routinely commanded by His Majesty to perform the following functions:

    2.1  Deliberate and submit its views for His Majesty's consideration on all matters in which the Government requests His Majesty's Royal signature or sanction. This includes, among other things, draft legislation, Royal Decrees, or appointments of high officials.

    2.2  Deliberate and submit its views for His Majesty's consideration and final decision on petitions for clemency for convicted prisoners, i.e., reduction of the term of imprisonment or termination thereof.

    2.3  Upon Royal Command, deliberate and submit its views for His Majesty ' s consideration and final decision on petitions regarding grievances submitted to His Majesty by private citizens.

    2.4  In general, perform any service or function as His Majesty may from time-to-time command. The scope can be wide-ranging and varied. For instance, all Privy Councilors serve on the General Executive Committee of the Ananda Mahidol Foundation, whose object is to award scholarships for higher education. Certain members of the Privy Council are commanded to assist His Majesty in overseeing the development and progress of the numerous Royally initiated projects, mainly in the field of agriculture, irrigation and rural development. Privy Councilors are also expected to attend all court functions.

    2.5  Upon Royal Command, represent His Majesty and other members of the Royal Family at official functions, e.g., charitable galas or sporting events where the Royal trophies are awarded.

    2.6  Upon Royal Command, perform services normally performed personally by His Majesty, e.g. laying the Royal Family wreaths at functions or memorial rites.

3.  The Constitution also provides that other duties be carried out by the Privy Council, such as: submitting the name of a suitable person to hold the office of Regent as stated in section 19; drafting the Palace Law Amendment as stated in section 22; submitting the name of the Successor to the Throne as stated in section 23; and, the President of the Privy Council serving as Regent pro tempore as stated in section 20.

Appointment to the Privy Council:

1.  By virtue of the Constitution of the Kingdom, His Majesty the King shall select and appoint a qualified person to be the President of the Privy Council and not more than eighteen other Privy Councilors to constitute the Privy Council.

2.  The selection, appointment or removal of a Privy Councilor shall be at His Majesty's pleasure.

3.  A Privy Councilor shall not be a Member of the Parliament, Election Commissioner, Ombudsman, member of the National Human Rights Commission, judge of the Constitutional Court, judge of the Administrative Court, member of the National Counter Corruption Commission, or member of the State Audit Council. Neither can a Privy Councilor be a Government Official holding a permanent position or receiving a regular salary, an official of a State enterprise, other State official, or member or official of a political party, and must not manifest loyalty to any political party.

4.  Before taking office, a Privy Councilor must make a solemn declaration before His Majesty that he/she is qualified, and abides by the above guidelines.

Present Privy Councilors:

      1.  H.E. General Prem Tinsulanonda (President of the Privy Council)

      2.  H.E. Sanya Dhammasakti

      3.  H.E. Mom Luang Chirayu Navawongs

      4.  H.E. Dr. Chaovana Nasylvanta

      5.  H.E. Tanin Kraivixien

      6.  H.E. Rear Admiral Mom Luang Usni Promoj

      7.  H.E. Air Vice Marshal  Kamthon Sindhavananda

      8.  H.E. Air Chief Marshal Siddhi Savetsila

      9.  H.E. Chulanope Snidvongs

      10.  H.E. Mom Rajawongse Adulkit Kitiyakara

      11.  H.E. General Pichitr Kullavanijaya

      12.  H.E. Ampol Senanarong

      13.  H.E. Chamras Kemacharu

      14.  H.E. Mom Luang Thawisan Ladawan

      15.  H.E. Mom Rajawongse Thep Devakula

      16.  H.E. Sakda Mokkamakkul


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