The Royal Regalia, Royal Utensils and the Royal Eight Weapons of Sovereignty, which are traditionally presented to the kings of Thailand at their coronation ceremonies, comprise a total of 28 items.  These serve to invest the king with the outward brilliance of majesty and command.  They also serve to remind the people of the king's burdens and his responsibilities to his subjects.  Among the symbols of regal authority, the Quintet of Royal Regalia is considered to be of prime importance.

The use of the Royal Regalia in coronation ceremonies dates back to the Sukhothai Kingdom (13th-15th centuries), the state regarded by Thai historical tradition as the first Thai kingdom.  It has been recorded that Thai artisans, in the time-honored traditional patterns and designs befitting the dignity and status of the king, crafted the items of Royal Regalia, used during the reign of King Rama I of the Royal House of Chakri.  The Quintet of Royal Regalia, which were made at that time, has been used at subsequent coronations, including that of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej on May 5, 1950 at the Grand Palace.  They consist of the Great Crown of Victory, the Sword of Victory, the Royal Staff,the Royal Fan or FlyWhisk and the Royal Slippers.

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