The Sword of Victory or Phra Saeng Khan Chai Si has an ancient double-edged blade.  The King had a hilt and scabbard made for it in gold, and enameled and encrusted with jewels.  The blade near the hilt on both sides was chased with gold inlay to depict a variety of figures.  The hilt has a length of 25.4 centimeters with the blade measuring 64.5 centimeters.  When placed in the scabbard the sword has a total length of 101 centimeters and weighs 1,900 grams.  The Sword of Victory is considered a foremost emblem of sovereignty as it symbolizes the king as a warrior who has the duty to protect all the people in his realm.  It is reminiscent of the days when he was not merely the titular but the actual warrior-chief of his people.

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